Canam Joist system is a building solution that rises to construction industry challenges.


The Canam Joist is custom designed to meet the unique characteristics of your project, whether you are an architect, principal contractor, steelwork contractor or structural engineer.

Key Benefits

The Canam Joist system is a solution of choice that will allow you build your project easier, faster and safer.


Markets we serve:

  • Distribution centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial and retail buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Public and institutional buildings

Technical Description

We deliver products that meet recognized standards and customer expectations by establishing and maintaining procedures for quality through continuous improvement without compromise on material, design and workmanship.


Our Canam Joist system meets the highest quality standards and has obtained the CE marking. We believe that we can further elevate our product, so our design procedures are currently being assessed by SCI.


  • Engineering and drafting
  • Manufacturing
  • Painting
  • Transportation and handling
  • Quality

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