The Canam Joist is a long-span, lightweight welded open-web steel truss that can be used in both roof and floor applications. They are fabricated according to a standardised process that is compatible with every possible type of building project.


Initially designed and manufactured by a turn-of-the-century steelwork contractor, joists are now key supporting members in buildings of all sizes. As Canam’s showcase product, our constant quest to improve our joists has led us to standardise design and manufacturing processes, the preparation of quotes and efficiently respond to ongoing changes in the construction industry.

The huge volume of joists produced worldwide confirms the potential for an innovative construction approach using joists with steel deck. It is also a highly cost-effective solution that provides your customers with real added value.

As a joist industry leader, Canam has supplied hundreds of thousands of steel joists that are in service around the world, including in over 400,000 m2 of roof structures in Europe alone.

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