Key Benefits

Designed and developed by Canam Group, the Canam Joist is an industrial open-web joist system that:

  • Enhances your service offer with multiple decisive advantages
  • Brings real added value to your customers’ projects


Technical Advantages:

  • Ability to achieve longer spans (24 meters and more) with spacing from 1 to 3 meters between each joist
  • Maximum column-free space facilating flexibility use of floor area and future adaptability
  • Fewer foundations reducing time and cost
    •  Maximum column-free space means :
      • Greater usable surface
      • Improved fluidity within the usable surface
  • Compatibility with other types of structural materials (welded plate girders, concrete, glued laminated timber, etc.)
  • Enhanced building layout for handling equipment and systems
  • Pre-assembled on the ground
  • Calculations made according to Eurocode standards

View the video for more details on column reduction

Environmental Benefits:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Minimal site waste
  • Clean, dust-free construction process
  • Off-site fabrication in a controlled environment = better quality


Cost Benefits:

  • Overall construction costs are reduced
  • Shorter construction schedule
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